Spend time on your research, not on consent forms

Contract management software with e-signature for research institutes

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The end of paper era

Stop wasting time searching for paper based documents.

Instantly find any contract
Search by patient. View, download or forward a contract with a click.
Never lose a contract again
Paper signed and electronic-signed contracts organized in one place
EMR integrated
Custom integration with your EMR to streamline your productivity.
Be compliant with less work

Being compliant doesn't have to be a hassle.

It only take a few steps to notify your patients about a new research project or send a consent form for those who haven't already signed one.

We help you scale

No matter how big your research is, we are here to help.

Bulk request consent form signature
Export everything to Excel with 1-click
Allow patients to opt-out automatically
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We’re committed to protecting your data.

Secure connection
Our servers are designed to only accept encrypted SSL connections which blocks a man-in-the-middle and session hijacking attacks.
Encrypted storage
Passwords and verification tokens are stored encrypted using modern and state-of-the-art solutions. We don't store plain data but use cryptographic hash functions.
Documents integrity
A digital checksum (mathematical hash value) validates that documents haven’t been tampered after each signing event, to ensure the integrity of customer documents.
Signature authenticity
Customers can rely on the authenticity of signers through signature verification and unalterable capture of signers names, emails, IP addresses, signing events, timestamps and completion status.