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Legal Documents Management for Law Firms and Healthcare

Create and share legal document templates. Allow documents to be signed electronically. Everything stored in the cloud.

Create legal documents faster

Provide your clients with an easy to use, self-service contract generator. Using only pre-approved templates from your law firm. It's simpler than using Word.

Document creation wizard

Easy to send. Easy to sign.

As easy as sending an email
No need to download any software
Sign from anywhere

All your legal documents organized in a single database.

Using e-signatures helps reduce spending on paper, ink, and office space, meaning big cost savings.

Quickly find any contract you need in a single centralized database.

Be more productive without sacrificing security and compliance.
List of legal documents
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We’re committed to protecting your data.

Secure connection
Our servers are designed to only accept encrypted SSL connections which blocks a man-in-the-middle and session hijacking attacks.
Encrypted storage
Passwords and verification tokens are stored encrypted using modern and state-of-the-art solutions. We don't store plain data but use cryptographic hash functions.
Documents integrity
A digital checksum (mathematical hash value) validates that documents haven’t been tampered after each signing event, to ensure the integrity of customer documents.
Signature authenticity
Customers can rely on the authenticity of signers through signature verification and unalterable capture of signers names, emails, IP addresses, signing events, timestamps and completion status.